But let’s dive deeper: Is it appropriate to wear a choker to Aunt Betty’s third wedding? How about that fancy dinner where the salad has more ingredients than you can pronounce? Or, God forbid, at Grandma’s house?

1. The Wedding Woes:

You got invited to a wedding. Your dress? Sorted. Shoes? Ready to dance the night away. But, what about that choker? Let’s be honest, unless you’re the edgy cousin everyone expects to make a statement, maybe opt for something subtle.

A thin, delicate choker with a tiny pendant might just work. But if you’re planning on sporting that thick, velvet, gothic outfit choker that screams “I listened to Evanescence in middle school,” you might get more attention than the bride. And we don’t want that, do we?

2. Fancy Dinners:

Remember, there’s a fine line between looking sophisticated and looking like you’re trying to revive your teenage years. The key is in the material. Go for something classy – think pearls, dainty gold or silver. Avoid anything that screams “Hot Topic clearance sale.” If you can picture Audrey Hepburn wearing it while dining in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” you’re on the right track.

3. Funerals, Oh My:

We get it. Grief is a personal thing, and everyone has their way of dealing with it. But while your chunky, vegan leather choker might be a comfort item, consider the feelings of others in attendance. The last thing you want is for Uncle Bob to lean over during the service, whispering, “Is that the latest in funeral fashion?” Opt for subtle and respectful.

4. At Grandma’s House:

Ah, the true test of any fashion choice. Wearing a choker to grandma’s house is like stepping into a lion’s den wearing a steak dress. You’re bound to get comments like, “Is that too tight? Are you breathing fine, dear?” or the classic, “In my time…” spiel. If you must wear one, go for the most non-threatening, vanilla choker you own.

Remember, at grandma’s house, it’s all about survival.

5. Job Interviews: Yes or No?

So you’re rocking that power suit, your CV is impressive, and you’re confident about answering any curveball questions. But should you add that choker to top it all off? Unless you’re interviewing for a position at Vogue or a vintage thrift shop, you might want to play it safe. Keep in mind the company culture and the position you’re gunning for. While a choker might scream ‘creative and trendy’ to you, to your potential 60-year-old employer, it might shout, ‘I still wear my teen rebellion around my neck, literally.’

6. Beach Days: The Uncharted Territory

If you thought chokers were just for urban escapades, think again. They’ve made their sandy debut! A simple shell or beaded choker could be the perfect accessory for your next beach outing. Just make sure to apply sunscreen around it to avoid that awkward tan line.

7. Gym Sessions: Pushing It or Perfect?

There’s athleisure, and then there’s… well, gym chokers? If you’re considering wearing a choker for your next HIIT session, it might be a stretch (pun intended). While it’s essential to express yourself, choking (literally) during your cardio isn’t a fashion statement anyone should make.

Chokers, like any accessory, have their time and place. While they’re versatile and ever-evolving, it’s essential to remember the occasion.

Always balance your personal style with respect for the event you’re attending.

And if in doubt, maybe just opt for a nice pair of earrings. After all, earrings have never made anyone the talk of a family dinner… well, almost never!