Occasionally, you’ll see photos and videos you have to save while going across Instagram posts. You can quickly, easily, and effectively snap screenshots of images. 

Here are the seven best websites to download Instagram videos and photos for free. 


W3toys, which might seem like a site selling pre-written programs, is a famous app for downloading Video content and photographs when you’re on the move. It operates in a similar way to other common video apps. Take note of the video’s URL and save your videos in high resolution. Videos in MP4 format will be installed through this website.

The downloading button can be hidden behind an advertisement. If you’re not operating Chrome Browser, remember that you may need to right-click and choose “Save as.”


Let’s start this list with the most well-liked and approachable tool, as we did with prior examinations of video grabber programs. A web-based Insta files downloader, DownloadInstagramVideos, has a self-explanatory name.

All popular browsers may use the program without any issues. Here is how to apply it:

1. Open Instagram, then capture the post’s link. 

2. You can select the URL from the browser using a chrome browser. 

3. If using a mobile device, select “Copy link” from the settings menu by tapping the top three-dot menu.

4. Copy the link and paste it in the area next to “Instagram Post URL” in DownloadInstagramVideos. 

5. To continue, you should put www. before the URL.

6. Choose “Download Instagram Video” from the menu.

7. A preview of your video will then be available. 

8. To download, click or tap the button there.

The videos downloader – Instagram Repost App

The Video Downloader – for Instagram Repost App is a dual-purpose Android app that enables you to –

1. Download Instagram videos, images, and IGTV material 

2. Cut and paste the content on your account in a matter of seconds

Copy the URL from the Instagram post you wish to download after opening it to begin downloading material. You can download the material directly to your smartphone by opening the Video Downloader App, pasting the URL into the area given, and pressing “Download.”

Over 50 million people have downloaded the application since it first became accessible on Google Play.

Downloader for Instagram + Direct Message

Use the Downloader for Instagram + Direct Message extension if you frequently use Instagram, mostly on websites, and use Chrome Browser. One of the few tools can extract Instagram stories, direct messages, videos, and photographs.

In addition, the extension offers “bulk download,” which lets you download every file you’ve browsed on a website into a single ZIP file. Without leaving Instagram, this enhanced version offers a terrific option to grab material on the move.


The next website on the list is DownloadGram, which allows you to save Instagram videos as high-definition MP4 files. There are no advertisements or different directions on the site directly, which has a straightforward design. To download a post, copy it from an Instagram profile, paste it in the designated space, and download and install.

Please be aware that clicking the URL area may create a new tab with a link to another webpage. Regarding it, don’t worry. You should ignore it, shut the tab, go back to the tool, and paste the video link.


Among the many excellent Instagram video downloaders for Android, there is FastSave. There have been over 10 million downloads of the app from Google Play. Instagram photographs and videos may be downloaded instantly to your smartphone in just a few easy steps.

However, some customer reviews claim that Android 10 users need help with the app’s functionality. One comment claims that to use FastSave, you must launch the application, copy the Insta link, exit the software, and reopen it. It is expected that a later version will address this issue. 


KeepVid is a fully-featured video-grabbing program most commonly used to download videos from YouTube. It can also be used to download photos from Instagram.

In reality, you may download movies from over 1,000 multiple sites with this program, featuring, among others, Whatsapp, Linkedin, Youtube, Quicktime, and BBC. The free trial edition is also available as a desktop download in addition to the web version.


Regrammer, a different web application that enables HD Instagram video downloads, is the last on the list. In the box that reads “Paste the Insta link here,” paste the video’s URL to download it. Click the preview button when finished.

Your URL will then be processed by the program, taking you to a new page where you can preview the film. You may now proceed by clicking the download option beside it.


These are some of the best websites that you can use to download Instagram photos and videos. However, this is not the end. There are many more sites for the same. 

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