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Visa-free Transit Process

Buy Air Ticket and Check in

◆ To apply for the 72-hour transit visa exemption at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, you must buy and print the air ticket for a connecting flight with confirmed date of flight and seat for a third country (region )leaving China at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

◆ You must inform the crews at the airline to Guangzhou beforehand of your application for 72-hour transit visa exemption in Guangzhou

The flight arrives at Guangzhou

◆ Please go to the Inspection& Quarantine and Immigration Inspection Channels according to the inward passenger sign


◆ If you come from a yellow fever endemic country or region, you must hold a valid Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate

◆ You are not allowed to transit through China with your pet.


◆ Please go to theImmigration Channels 2-4 according to 72-hour traveler sign.

◆ You must prepare the following information: 1) Your valid international traveling document; 2) A third country (region) visa; 3) Complete an entry card (Including your residential address in China; 4) Air ticket for a connecting flight with confirmed date of flight and seat for a third country (region) leaving China at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport within 72 hours

Reclaim Baggage

◆ If you choose to tag through baggage to a third country, your baggage will be checked at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and you do not need to reclaim baggage again


◆ If you take the goods that are required to be declared to the Customs, you must complete the Baggage Declaration Form for Inward/Outward Passengers of the Customs of the People’s Republic of China and choose the “Declaration Channel” to pass through Customs. If not, there is no need to complete the Declaration Form and you can choose the “No Declaration Channel” to pass through Customs.

Leave the airport

◆ After baggage reclaim, you can leave the airport by airport bus, Metro or taxi.

Enjoy your stay in Guangdong

◆ You may go to any city in Guangdong within the visa exemption time.

Return to the airport and Check in

◆ Please return to Guangzhou Airport before the time limit of visa exemption and check in.

◆Please prepare your valid international traveling document, departure card and boarding pass for outgoing flight during the immigration inspection.

Leave Guangzhou

◆ Have a nice trip.

Tips 1: When you arrive in Guangzhou, the 72-hour transit visa exemption service counter for travelers is available at the baggage reclaim hall. If you need relevant services and travel, you may inquire or handle relevant service

Tips 2: When you leave Guangzhou, a wide range of duty-free goods are available in the business area.

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