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Huge year-end sales at wholesale markets
Update: 2020-01-20     Source:

Guangzhou has more than 1,000 wholesale markets, selling more than 40 kinds of commodities, including clothing, dry food, toys, and fruits. The week before the Chinese New Year are busy shopping days, with stores in the wholesale markets hoping to clear out inventory before the New Year. For customers, it's a great time to find real bargains. Since it is a tradition to buy new items for the lunar New Year, Silk Road Post has selected a number of markets to help people prepare for the festive days.

1 Clothing
As a bustling clothing wholesale market, Shisanhang (十三行) in the New China Plaza building is an ideal place for price-sensitive buyers. Almost every store in the market offers deals on clothing, including coats, knitwear, sweaters, suits, shirts, and jeans. With one hundred yuan, you can buy two coats, three pairs of jeans, or four sweaters here. However, if you are more of a fashion lover, ARA apM may be your best choice. Newly opened last September, this well decorated market provides buyers a bright and comfortable shopping environment. It features fashion Japanese and Korean style clothing. The market also sells shoes, bags, and accessories.

Venue: New China Plaza 新中国大厦
Address: No. 1 Shisanhang Lu, Liwan district 荔湾区十三行路1号
How to get there: Metro line 6, Cultural Park Station, Exit A

Venue: ARA apM
Address: No. 195 Zhanqian Lu, Liwan district 荔湾区站前路195号
How to get there: Metro line 5, Guangzhou Railway Station, Exit H
2 Dried goods

It is important to prepare food for family reunions and feasting, and that means purchasing traditional Chinese seafood and dried goods. Yide Lu is notable for its dried seafood: sea cucumber, oyster, abalone, cuttlefish, scallop, fish maw and much more. But it also sells an endless variety of dried goods such as mushrooms, cubilose (the key ingredient for birds nest soup), melon seeds, peanuts, walnuts, and red dates. Besides, Yide Lu sells various kinds of biscuits and candies. Silk Road Post strongly recommends you to buy gift box of biscuits, which is 20 to 30 percent cheaper than usual.

Compared with the past, local citizens are pickier about food for the Spring Festival. Many people are no longer satisfied with traditional dried goods such as melon seeds and peanuts. They are more likely to try new tastes and buy dried fruits and vegetables, like dried figs.